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As It Happens: The Friday Edition

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Part One

Iran nuclear scientist
An Iran-watcher says the assassination of a top nuclear scientist isn't about preventing the country from getting the bomb — it's about scuttling peace talks between Iran and the incoming U.S. administration. 

Utah monolith
Authorities in Utah didn't reveal the location of a mysterious metal monolith in the desert — but our guest stands by his choice to find it, and stand by it. 

Diagram Prize winner
A Canadian professor didn't expect to win a prize for "oddest book title" for his work about animal metaphors in Indonesia — but now he's the cat who ate the canary.     

Part Two

Stuck in Lebanon
A series of setbacks have left a refugee bound for Canada stranded in Beirut — and the latest one is the most frustrating of all: bureaucracy. 

Quebec/New Brunswick students
An Indigenous student in Quebec faces down police to travel to her high school in New Brunswick. The province says it's just simple COVID border rules — but she says it's discrimination. 

Part Three

Mask innovation award
A University of Alberta researcher wins an innovation award for developing a mask that is coated in salt — whose crystals serve as nasty spikes to destroy droplets. 

African crested rat 
The African crested rat is the rare rodent you just want to pick up and cuddle. There are several reasons why that's not a good idea. But the main one is that its fur contains dangerous toxins. 

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