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As It Happens: The Friday Edition

Nov. 6, 2020

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Part One

Republican: Trump lies
After a press conference in which Donald Trump made petulant, unfounded claims about a stolen election, former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake mourns what the president has done to his country. 

U.S. Oklahoma: Mauree Turner
Mauree Turner tells us how they made history — by becoming the highest-ranking non-binary lawmaker, and the first Muslim lawmaker, in Oklahoma.

Mobile bowling alley
A Detroit entrepreneur believes he's the first person who's ever built a bowling alley on wheels — and he'll explain how the pandemic has helped him find a clientele that's excited about his spare tires. 

Part Two

U.S. Georgia: Senate races
The state hasn't been blue since 1992 — but with the Presidential candidates virtually tied, and two pivotal Senate seats up for grabs, we'll ask a Republican strategist whether he's feeling increasingly blue. 

Winnipeg King's Head pub
When a Winnipeg real estate agent learns her client is struggling to keep his pub afloat, she decides to put her commission from selling his home into his business. 

Part Three

South Georgia iceberg
An iceberg the size of a small country is on a collision course with an island in the South Atlantic — and our guest says if it hits, it could devastate the island's wildlife, and its economy. 

New Hippocratic oath 
Medical students in Pittsburgh have re-written their Hippocratic oath. We'll hear why they're addressing racial injustice, misinformation and police violence in their pledge.

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