As It Happens

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

Oct. 30, 2020

Part One

Manitoba COVID surge
A record number of COVID cases prompts Manitoba to announce stringent new restrictions — and one Winnipeg doctor says they're not overdone, but they are overdue. 

U.S. election: Florida Democrat
A Florida nurse says she's confident the Democrats will take back the White House — because there are so many people like her who are tired of Donald Trump. 

Scariest movies
Our guest won't guess what ghosts leave us aghast — he knows what horror movies scare us most, so we'll get him on the horn. Possibly an actual horn. 

Part Two

Daylight savings
With our clocks set to go back, the co-founder of the BC group called "Stop the Time Change" says we have much to gain by losing our tradition of losing or gaining an hour. 

War Measures Act apology
The Bloc Quebecois wants the Prime Minister to apologize for his father's decision to impose the War Measures Act 50 years ago — but a former Bloc MP says an apology is far too little, way too late. 

Part Three

Feature: Shaena Lambert 
The main character of Shaena Lambert's new novel, Petra, is German Green Party co-founder Petra Kelly — and in a feature interview, Lambert explains the process of writing a real-life protagonist. 

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