As It Happens

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

July 10, 2020

Part One

Open Border Politicians
As Canadians watch Americans redraw their corona curve to frightening new heights, the New York Congresswoman Kathleen Rice tells us its time to have more than a sketch of a plan for reopening the border.

Audubon Winner    
A stunning photo of a cormorant diving into a school of sardines has won a 2020 Audubon Photography Award. The shocked photographer says it wasn't even shot she was after.   

Trader Joe's Lineup
Loud conversations in a long line outside one New York City grocery store spark a snarky art project. Our guest draws on the surprisingly intense lives of the liner-uppers, to create true signs of the times.

Part Two

Turkey Mosque Decision
Fight at the Museum. Istanbul's Hagia Sophia has long embodied peaceful co-existence. Now, a Turkish court has ruled it can be turned back into a mosque. It's a move critics fear represents a move away from those values.

Same Notre Dame
France rejects more outré ideas for the restoration of Notre Dame favour of a carbon-copy rebuild of the original. An architecture professor tells us that's a missed opportunity that ignores true spirit of the building.