As It Happens

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

July 3, 2020

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Part One

Champagne Hong Kong 
Canada says China overstepped by imposing a harsh new security law on Hong Kong -- our foreign affairs minister tells us what his government's doing to push back. 

PEI Bridge
Eastern provinces are bubbling with excitement as the "Atlantic bubble" opens. But before the joyous reunions are the joyless lines at provincial borders.

Cave Find
A Canadian diver squeezes into a "remarkable" underwater world in Mexico -- and finds traces of human activity dating back thousands of years.

Part Two

Covid Sailor
A man realizes the only way to reach his elderly parents during the pandemic is to jump in his small sailboat and cross the Atlantic -- and eighty-five days later, he tells his story from dry land. 

BLM Cyclist
With university campuses closed, Harvard Ornithology professor Scott Edwards took the chance to fulfil his dream of cycling from the Atlantic to the Pacific. But in the wake of protests against police brutality, Professor Edwards, a Black man, says that journey has now taken on a new meaning.