As It Happens

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

May 15, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part One

Wet'suwet'en Chiefs Decision 
A Wet'suwet'en hereditary chief says a memorandum of understanding with the federal and provincial governments offers a path forward for his first nation, but a group of elected Wet'suwet'en chiefs say the deal wasn't negotiated in good faith.

Calgary Restaurants
The co-owner of a Calgary restaurant was set to reopen his doors this week, but the province cancelled those plans at the last minute. Now he and his peers in the city are asking the province to pay them back, for all the money -- and food -- that will go to waste.

Haunted Houses
The new paranormal: Reports of ghosts and supernatural activity are on the rise during the pandemic. But our guest tells us there's no reason to be scared.

Part Two 

German Soccer Reopens
This weekend soccer teams in Germany's Bundesliga will face off … but without fans in their stadiums. We hear from the sporting director at one club, about the measures he'll be following at his team's game tomorrow. 

Oh Pants!
Amid the leisure suits, fringed vests, and leg warmers in the "As It Happens" archives, we find stories of pants -- including one about a machine that will kick you in them.

Part Three

Lobster Fishery
Lobster processing plants in New Brunswick are scrambling to find workers in the midst of the pandemic -- and are getting the help of local teenagers to turn fresh lobsters into profit. 

Oregon Testing
Researchers in an Oregon university town are going door-to-door this month in an effort to get every person in their community tested for Covid-19. One of the study leads tells us what this approach offers, that others don't. 

Sturgeon Victory
Most kids are content with hooking a sunfish. But one 9-year old in Tennessee reeled in an 80-pound monster.

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