As It Happens

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

March 6, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part One

Coronavirus: Iran
Iran is quickly becoming the new epicenter of the world's coronavirus crisis. And a former emergency room doctor from the country tells us the government's claims are not to be trusted. 

Amber alert family
A 14-year-old in Toronto has been found after a 40-hour search. Police say he was abducted over his step-brother's drug debt. Reverend Sky Starr knows the family — and tells us the whole community is watching over him now. 

Seti@home over
Researchers are powering down a project that used people's personal computers to search for alien life. Our guest says the public interest was great, but they've got more data than they know what to do with. 

Part Two

Canopy layoffs
Canopy Growth cannabis company laid off hundreds of workers this week — many of them in Canada thanks to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. But our guest says this work was far more temporary than they were expecting. 

Henri Richard obit
Henri Richard won more Stanley Cups than any other NHL player, and pocketed himself a spot in the Hall of Fame — and the history books. And as Ken Dryden tells us, playing with the Pocket Rocket was unforgettable. 

Part Three

Yukon daylight
For many across Canada, Sunday's clock adjustment will introduce some welcome sunshine into their evening hours. But a growing number of Yukoners say it's time for Daylight Savings to call it a day. 

Distracted driving app
After a car accident broke a number of his bones, a New York-based app developer decided to take matters into his own hands — by creating a platform that rewards attentive drivers. 

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