As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Full Episode

Monday, June 25, 2018

Part One

Skipper Rescue
After struggling to contain a fire on his fishing boat, Stan Bennett and his crew had to abandon ship — and spend two hours on a raft, hoping to be rescued. 

Migrants: Pediatrician
Despite the Trump Administration's very public policy change, more than two thousand children are still being held without their parents — and our guest has seen the kids' trauma first-hand. 

Frog CPR
And what do you use to revive a frog? Jumper cables! That's a joke — sort of — but this isn't: after an Australian man discovered a frog that had been regurgitated by a snake, he saved its life — with CPR. 

Part Two

Mexico Election Deaths
In the lead-up to Sunday's elections, Mexico is experiencing a horrifying spike in violence — and one journalist tells us why local politicians are being targeted, and killed. 

U of O Assault Verdict 
The complainant said two former University of Ottawa hockey players sexually assaulted her after a game in 2014 — but today, more than four years later, an Ontario judge found both men not guilty.