As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Full Episode

Monday, June 18, 2018

Part One

Migrant whistleblower
After seeing firsthand the heartbreaking damage done by the Trump Administration's policy of separating children from their parents, our guest quit his job at a migrant youth shelter in Arizona. 

Video game addiction
The World Health Organization adds "gaming disorder" to its International Classification of Diseases — and that's a victory for the mother of one compulsive gamer. 

Bobcat attack
As she was being viciously attacked by a rabid bobcat, all DeDe Phillips could think about was protecting her granddaughter — so she strangled it. 

Part Two

Glasgow fire
The Glasgow School of Art had almost completed a restoration of its Mackintosh Building, after a fire in 2014, when an even bigger fire laid all that rebuilding to waste. 

Florida concealed-carry
For a full twelve months in Florida, people applying for concealed-carry licenses weren't put through necessary background checks — because one person couldn't log in to the system. 

Part Three

Dalhousie Faculty
When Canada's Union of Public Employees asked universities for employee data, most freely complied. But Dalhousie University isn't being free with its information at all: it says it'll cost tens of thousands of dollars to release.  

Old rock
For millennia, people were awestruck by an exquisitely balanced rock on a cliff in England — but what took thousands of years to form was undone in seconds, by a group of kids.