As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Full Episode

Monday, May 28, 2018

Part One

'Spider Man'
After a Malian migrant climbs four storeys to save a child from falling, he's immediately offered French citizenship — but to our guest, that just shows how far migrants have to go in France to get a leg up. 

Paramedics competition
A team of paramedics from British Columbia has won gold at an international competition in the Czech Republic. 

Octopus freed
California fish shop owner Giovanni DeGarimore buys a delicious-looking 70-pound octopus named "Fred" — but rather than putting him on ice in his store window, he returns the creature to the sea. 

Part Two

Michaëlle Jean: Conservative critic
We don't know whether Michaëlle Jean wants another term as Secretary General of the Francophonie — but Conservative MP Alupa Clarke says she should bid the position "Adieu". 

Robert Indiana controversy
Last week, the artist Robert Indiana — most famous for his stylized depiction of the word "LOVE" — died at 89. Now, a lawsuit claims that, in his later years, he was taken advantage of by people who profited from his work. 

Part Three

Spain refugees
This weekend, rescue workers saved more than 500 people attempting to cross the Mediterranean to reach Spain. Maria Jesus Vega, a spokesperson for the UN's refugee agency, says that proves more urgent action is desperately needed. 

Weasel study
Researchers are expressing concern over a weasel in Poland that turns white in the winter to camoflauge itself in the snow. They say climate change is to blame, and fear the animal will become endangered.