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As It Happens: Monday Full Episode

Monday, May 7, 2018
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Part One

New Brunswick Flooding: Family
After fleeing the flooding, a New Brunswick family feels a terrible sinking feeling when they check on their house -- and find waves sloshing against their furniture. 

Border: Mark Holland
Abandon false hope, all ye who enter here. If you cross the border illegally from the United States, Ottawa has a message for you: there are no free tickets to Canada. 

Secretary Donation
Over the course of her long career, a legal secretary socked away money whenever she could -- and no one knew about it until she posthumously donated more than 8 million dollars U.S. to charity. 

Part Two

Colorado Campus
Two Native American brothers embark on a long road trip to visit Colorado University -- but while touring their dream school, they experience a shockingly rude awakening. 

New Brunswick Flooding: Looting
One New Brunswick man who opted not to leave his home had more immediate problems than water damage to worry about: he wound up splashing through his yard in pursuit of would-be looters. 

Part Three

Montreal Massage Therapist
It was bad when a Montreal massage therapist was subjected to inappropriate sexual behaviour in the workplace. And it was worse when she went to the police -- and an officer told her it was just part of her job.

Dubai Daughter
The daughter of Dubai's leader has been missing since her failed plans to escape the UAE by boat. Human Rights Watch is demanding the UAE reveal her status.