As It Happens: Monday Full Episode

Monday, April 16, 2018
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Part One

India rape case
Thousands demonstrate in India after the rape and murder of an 8-year old girl — asking why their political leaders have remained largely silent about the horrific crime.

Trans Mountain pipeline: BC
 BC's Environment Minister says he's days away from disclosing the government's legal strategy to put environmental controls on the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Canuck the Crow
In East Vancouver, a crow named Canuck wouldn't stop attacking postal workers — until one brought him out of his shell by giving him peanuts. 

Part Two

Syria: Damascus journalist
U.S. President Trump says the strikes were "precise, overwhelming, and effective". But the view from Damascus is that the Syrian regime doesn't seem to feel they were effective — and appears not at all overwhelmed. 

Syria: US response
Christine Wormuth served as Under Secretary of Defence for Policy under former President Barack Obama. She says the attack on Syria will only work as a deterrent if there's a follow-up plan — beyond triumphant tweets. 

From Our Archives: "Wild, Wild Country" commune
The success of the doc series "Wild, Wild Country" sent us to our archives to see if we covered the story of Rajneeshpuram at the time -- and we discovered a cult classic. 

Part Three

Myanmar Rohingya: latest
The Myanmar government says it has successfully repatriated a Rohingya refugee family. But rights groups say the move is merely a publicity stunt, and that it's still deeply dangerous for Rohingya refugees to return home.

Hotel room auditions
After the Harvey Weinstein allegations, a huge American entertainment union calls for a ban on meetings in private places, like hotel rooms — and tonight, Gabrielle Carteris, of "90210" fame, explains why. 
Swedish electrified road
If you drive an electric vehicle in Sweden, your angst about keeping it going may become a thing of the past: they've just opened a span of road that will actually re-charge it while you drive.