As It Happens: Monday Full Episode

Monday, March 19, 2018
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Part One

Mali Peacekeeping: Harjit Sajjan
The Tories say there's "no peace to keep" in Mali, but Canada's joining the UN mission there anyway — and tonight, we'll ask the Defence Minister to explain why. 

Cambridge Analytica
Thanks to a whistleblower, we know the shadowy operatives at a company called Cambridge Analytica "harvested" tens of millions of Facebook profiles — to create propaganda in support of Donald Trump. 

Brooklyn Bike Theft
After her bike was stolen, a Brooklyn woman made a public plea for its return — and now she's glad she didn't back-pedal, because, thanks to some kind strangers, she can front-pedal once again. 

Part Two

Austin Explosions Update
Just hours after the police chief in Austin, Texas, called for open dialogue with a serial bomber, there's another explosion — and the mystery becomes more perplexing, and more urgent. 

McCabe Firing
When he was fired hours before he was due to retire, former U.S. deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe faced a pension problem — until Democratic Congressman Mark Pocan stepped in. 

Part Three

Stephen Hawking Theory
Just weeks before his death, Stephen Hawking submitted a paper that might once again expand our understanding of pretty much everything. We'll speak with Thomas Hertog, the co-author of that paper, and a longtime friend of the late, great theoretical physicist. 

New Zealand Post Office
A New Zealand post office receives a package addressed to, quote: "on a farm, situated up a long drive with cows, opposite [the local] pub or thereabouts". And somehow, it finds the intended recipient. Stay tuned. 

Uncensored Playlist 
In oppressive regimes, it can be challenging to get news in from outside. News sites are often blocked. But music streaming sites aren't, so Reporters Without Borders has come up with a way to slip through that loophole.