As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, June 13, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One 

US gun control
US gun control advocates are applauding a bi-partisan deal in the Senate to bring in limited new gun restrictions. And even though they don't go as far as our guest would like, she says some change is better than none at all. 

Ukraine wine award
A Ukrainian winery has won a gold medal at a prestigious competition. But Russian shelling is threatening the victorious vineyard -- and putting the whole operation in jeopardy. 

Man vs. Horse winner
For only the third time in 40 years, a human runner has bested the preeminent equine competitor in a U.K. trail race. And the result really required him to hoof it. 

Part Two 

Pride attack
A drag performer tells us she's scared for her safety after members of a far-right group -- burst into a reading she was giving to children at a library this weekend. 

Google AI engineer
Google has suspended a software engineer over his claims that the one of the company's artificial intelligence tools is sentient. Something our guest says would require some serious suspension of disbelief. 

Part Three

HMS Gloucester discovery
Our guest first discovered the remnants of the historic HMC Gloucester in 2007, but had to keep quiet until now. And he says telling the world about the find has really buoyed his spirits. 

Quebec French professor 
Years ago, the Quebec government asked for our guest's advice on how quickly newcomers to the province could learn French. And today, she says officials wasted no time ignoring her recommendations.