As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Dec. 6, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

AFN Pope meeting
The former national chief of the Assembly of First Nations met with one Pope. But as he gets ready for another face-to-face with a new Pope in a new moment — he says he's hoping for a different result. 

BC boil water
The owner of a brewery in Merritt, B-C is using his equipment to help provide safe drinking water as his community enters its third week under a boil-water advisory. 

Manitoba South Africa journey
Six negative COVID tests and tens of thousands of dollars later, a Manitoba couple is back in Canada after the Omicron variant turned a trip to South Africa into a travel nightmare. 

Part Two

Afghan judges
Female judges from Afghanistan who've escaped death threats found temporary refuge in Greece. But with a deadline looming a lawyer who's helping them tells us she's "begging" Canada to step up.

Beatles catalogue performed
A band in Columbus, Ohio staged a marathon concert, playing the entire Beatles' catalogue from start to finish. One musician describes the gruelling gig — and the "beautiful hurt" he's left with.

Part Three

Cyclone helicopters
Nearly all of Canada's Cyclone helicopters have been taken out of service due to cracks in their tails. Our guest says it's just the latest setback for the aircraft.

Reading: Zlateh the Goat 
Tonight's holiday reading brings us the story of Aaron, who sets out to save his family's Hanukkah by selling the family goat. But instead, he learns sometimes the best experiences can't be planned.