As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Nov. 22, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Wisconsin Parade Deaths 
A Wisconsin nurse who was at the holiday parade where an S-U-V plowed through dozens of people yesterday tells us she hasn't slept since.

Abbotsford Poultry Farmer 
An Abbotsford poultry farmer is surveying the damage and wondering how he'll rebuild, after floods submerged his entire farm and killed tens of thousands of his birds.

Subway Bravery Award
An amazing tracks record. Four years after he spotted a man in trouble in Toronto's subway system, a UK engineer describes the heroic act that has now earned him the Canadian Medal For Bravery.   

Part Two

Iqaluit Water Update
Residents of Iqaluit still can't drink the stuff that comes out of their taps -- and the city's newly elected MLA says an incoming snow storm won't help matters.

French Gender Neutral Pronoun 
A new word faces the old guard. A French dictionary adds a gender-neutral pronoun -- to the delight of those who embrace a more inclusive language, and the dismay of those who see it as an attack on tradition.

Modern Pentathlon
gallop poll. The ongoing debate over whether horses should be replaced with bicycles in the modern pentathlon continues -- and there's a lot riding on what the athletes end up riding. 

Part Three

Europe Anti-Vax Rioting
Continental drift. Parts of Europe seem to be sliding back into sky high case counts and COVID lockdowns. And our guest believes decades of governmental failure are part of the problem. 

Australia No Dark Roofs 
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a shingle step. An Australian state is banning dark roofs on new housing -- a small design change they hope will result in a huge climate benefit.