As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Nov. 15, 2021

Part One

BC mudslides trapped and Merritt evacuation
After living through a firestorm last summer, the interior of B.C. is now being hit with torrential rain. We'll talk to one of thousands of people forced to hit the road and leave the city of Merritt — and to another who's been forced to hit the brakes, after a highway was cut off by mudslides. 

Tree DNA evidence
A scientist with the U.S. Forest Service tells us how tree DNA evidence was used to send the leader of an illegal logging operation in Washington State to prison. 

Part Two

COP26 India
An Indian environmentalist reacts to her country's last-minute change to the COP26 deal — which replaced a commitment to "phase out" coal with one to "phase [it] down" instead.

Belarus sanctions
As the EU announces new sanctions against Belarus, Finland's minister of foreign affairs says that if President Lukashenko is going to encourage migrants to come to his country, he has to take care of them.

Part Three

Afghanistan: Jan Egeland
Fresh from a trip to the Iran/Afghanistan border, the Norwegian Refugee Council Secretary General warns that what he saw there is fast becoming a problem for the world.

Austria COVID lockdown begins 
Life just got a lot harder for unvaccinated Austrians. We'll ask a doctor there why the country went with what many have called the 'nuclear' option.