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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, May 17, 2021

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Part One

Gaza Doctors Killed
A friend and colleague remembers a prominent doctor who was killed by an Israeli airstrike yesterday in Gaza; he says the loss is enormous -- and hard to justify. 

Thorncliffe to Vax Clinic 
One of the nurses behind a record-breaking pop-up vaccination clinic in Toronto's East End tells us what it took to administer more than 10-thousand doses yesterday.

Golden Gate Hum 
Bad vibrations. A year after San Franciscans noticed an eerie -- and aggravating -- hum coming from a certain famous bridge, engineers from Ontario are headed south to ensure silence is Golden Gate.

Part Two

Big Five Hunting List
A group of wildlife photographers determined to protect endangered species from trophy hunters has come up with a new "Big Five" list of animals: the ones they want to see shot by cameras only.

Ant Queens
Researchers find that certain ants carry would-be queens to unrelated nests and leave them there -- in the hopes of adding a little genetic diversity to their insect-uous relations.

Part Three

Feature: Jordan Abel
Writing his way home. The Nisga'a poet Jordan Abel says his latest book is one he never intended to write but always knew he'd have to, despite the painful places it forced him to revisit. We'll hear Carol's feature interview with Jordan Abel about his new book "Nishga".