As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

May 3, 2021

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Part One

San Diego Migrant Shipwreck
We hear from one of the bystanders who leaped into the ocean yesterday, to help rescue more than two dozen people after an overcrowded boat capsized in California.

Living with the Virus
Here today, still here tomorrow. An epidemiologist suggests we manage our expectations -- because COVID-19 and its variants will likely be sticking around even after most of us have been stuck.

Balcony Ducks
High waddler mark. A Manchester man tells us about the plan he hatched to support a nesting mallard living on his ninth-storey balcony last year -- which so impressed the duck that she's back this year. 

Part Two

Same Sex Pension
Nearly a decade after his partner died, a Newfoundland man takes his fight for pension benefits public -- and now, CN Rail will review its policy on retroactive compensation for same-sex spouses. 

Athletes Outdoors Prep
A Team Canada volleyball player says COVID-19 restrictions are interfering with her training, even outdoors, by herself -- which is what she was doing when police stopped her this weekend. 

Part Three

Hot Docs: Spirit to Soar
In "Seven Fallen Feathers", Tanya Talaga wrote about the deaths of Indigenous high school students in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Now, in a new documentary, she's telling the story that rippled outward from that tragedy -- her own family's narrative of loss and resilience. We'll hear Carol's feature conversation with Tanya Talaga.