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As It Happens: Monday Edition

April 19, 2021

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Part One

Covid Ontario Help
As COVID cases threaten to overwhelm Ontario ICUs, the government is asking other provinces for help -- but a doctor tells us extra staff alone won't be enough. 

Budget NDP Leader 
The new federal budget packs all kinds of pledges and plans into its 700-plus pages -- but NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says the Liberals need to actually put the money where their mouth is. 

Part Two

Somalia President Extension
Spoiled ballots. Somalia's president has postponed elections indefinitely -- and signed a law extending his own time in office by two years. And now, he's facing an electoral battle of another kind.

Softball Perfect Game
A North Texas pitcher makes history for her university softball team, after striking out all 21 batters in a row for a perfect game.

Part Three

Turks and Caicos Adventurer
No vacation. An adventurer explains why he's eschewing relaxation in favour of tackling an epic journey by sea and land on his visit to Turks and Caicos

Olympic Basketball Court
Players were floored when they learned the court that the Toronto Raptors won their 2019 championship on is being shipped from Oakland, California, to Victoria, B.C.  It will be installed just in time for the Olympic qualifying games. 

Las Vegas Grass Ban
Turf wars. Las Vegas water officials want to ban grass that no one walks on in a bid to save precious water.