As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

March 8, 2021

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Part One

Myanmar Crackdown
The military in Myanmar continues its crackdown: penning in protesters in Yangon, cutting electricity, and hunting for those who've opposed the coup -- including our guest.

Covid First Death Folo
Separation anxiety. One year ago, her father's care home was the site of the first COVID death in Canada -- and our guest says the outbreak there led to more heartbreak that she could have imagined. 

NDP Minister ATI
Watching her back. An Alberta politician confirms her own suspicions that police had her under surveillance -- and shares her observations about proving that she was under observation. 

Part Two

Vaccine Questions: Fisman
As the pandemic rolls on, Canada's COVID vaccine rollout picks up speed...and an epidemiologist tells us he's feeling optimistic for what's next. 

Vancouver Coyote Attack
These days, a walk in the park is no walk in the park. Coyotes have attacked 15 people in Vancouver's Stanley Park in the past three months -- and one BC runner is still recovering from her run-in. 

Part Three

Laurentian Folo
We reach one of the professors at Ontario's Laurentian University who's demanding answers about the school's financial free fall.

Platypus Refuge
Fitting the bill.  With numbers dwindling, conservationists plan a first-of-its-kind platypus refuge for the one-of-kind creature