As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

March 1, 2021

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Part One

Arctic Warship Captain
Ice guys finish last. We reach the commander of the Canadian Navy's latest arctic warship, who's putting his crew, and his ship, through their paces during an Arctic winter.

German Words Coronavirus
While English speakers struggle to express how sick and tired we are of COVID, German-speakers have coined hundreds of new terms to describe pandemic pandemonium. 

Phone Book Collector
A man with the biggest -- and quite likely the only -- collection of phone books in Canada says there are surprising revelations amid the listings, if only we're willing to look them up.

Part Two

Space Visitor
A cancer survivor joins an all-civilian space expedition, which is part of a fundraiser for a hospital she works at now -- and where she was treated as a kid.

Orbisculate Family
And, it's fake word with a lot of meaning. A family tries to get a deceased man's made-up word for "fruit juice that squirts a person's eye" into the real dictionary

Part Three

Boston Globe Fresh Start
A first look at second chances. The Boston Globe launches an initiative to let people change their own it appears in the paper's archive.

AI Czech Play
Acting the part. A theatre in Prague recently premiered a play about a robot -- that was also written by one.