As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Feb. 22, 2021

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Part One

Myanmar Protester
The coup versus the many. As Myanmar's military faces off against the largest demonstrations yet, one protester tells us it feels like witnessing history -- but she's worried about the next chapter.

Texas: Huge Electricity Bills
Some couldn't charge anything -- and some were charged a lot. A Texas man didn't lose his power after the snowstorm -- but was shocked when he got an electricity bill for nearly 17 thousand dollars. 

SF Home Move
There goes part of the neighbourhood. In San Francisco, a Victorian house is uprooted, loaded on a truck, and relocated -- to the wonderment of locals who turned the feat into an impromptu parade.

Part Two

UK Uber Driver
A former Uber driver who's spent years battling the ride-hailing app is thrilled he didn't run out of gas before a landmark Supreme Court ruling in his favour.

Hard Butter
A churn for the worse. Concern spreads among Canadians who find they can't spread their room-temperature butter -- and one food researcher takes a hard look at why it won't soften. 

Part Three 

Winnipeg Snow Fort School
Students at a Winnipeg school are trying out a new learning environment this week -- a snow fort they made themselves. 

Arizona Poem Writer
An Arizona bookworm is writing a poem inspired by every title she reads during the pandemic -- and says poetry is just the thing to rekindle one's love of prose.