As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Feb. 1, 2021

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Part One

Myanmar coup
A former political prisoner in Myanmar says he wasn't surprised by today's coup d'état, but he is concerned about what the army could do next.

Myanmar: Bob Rae
Canadian ambassador Bob Rae was already investigating claims of genocide by Myanmar's army against the Rohingya minority — now, he says the international community must come together to respond to the coup. 

Dinosaur footprint discovered
A four-year-old in Wales discovers what looks like a small dinosaur footprint only to learn that it really is a small dinosaur footprint — and a pretty big find to boot.

Part Two

Travel restrictions: Minister
Canada's Transport Minister says he understands the concerns about his government's new flight restrictions — but with the risk that travellers might spread new mutant strains of COVID, it had no choice.

Isotope salmon eyes
Scientists in California discover that the eye of a freshwater chinook is like a tiny onion with lots of layers — and that each one tells a story about the salmon's life.

Part Three

MAID: UN Rapporteur
The UN's watchdog for the rights of people with disabilities has a warning for Canada about medically assisted dying. 

Dr. Martens IPO 
The parent company of the famed Dr. Martens shoe is taking the brand public — and a lifelong fan predicts it'll get a big bounce.