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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, January 18, 2021

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Part One

D.C. tension
A member of the National Guard who was called up to defend the U-S Capitol is still doing his day job — which means he's teaching music to his elementary students from inside a Humvee. 

Nova Scotia organ donation
As by-default organ donation comes into effect in Nova Scotia, a politician who championed the policy change shares the very personal reason why.

Banana sticker auction
First the fruit bore it — and now it will bear fruit. A rare American twenty-dollar bill with a banana sticker on may fetch tens of thousands dollars at auction this month — because it went from a peel to appealing. 

Part Two

Brexit UK fishery
Scottish seafood producers say Brexit border chaos means fishermen can't get their catch to Europe — and that could spell the collapse of an entire industry. 

Keystone decision
The mayor of an Alberta town that's been booming thanks to the construction of Keystone XL says he hopes Joe Biden rethinks plans to nix the pipeline on his first day in office. 

Part Three

Britain vaccine push
Britain is now outpacing much of the world in the vaccine race. And our guest says a wartime mentality has a lot to do with that. 

Indonesia cave painting 
Archaeologists in Indonesia say a recent cave-art discovery is a feast for the eyes — and its vivid depiction of warty swine could shed some light on the world's earliest human settlements.