As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Nov. 30, 2020

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Part One

Fiscal update
Canada's Finance Minister asks Canadians to hold tight as the pandemic fight sends her government ever deeper into debt.

F1 race crash
A pro racer says she was amazed to see a driver emerge from a fiery crash that engulfed him in flames and split his car in two — and says it's a sign of how far the sport has come.

Perennial poinsettia
Most people who pick up a potted poinsettia around now ditch it post-holiday season, and our guest is one of those people — but her husband is not, and now the plant is too big to get out of their house.

Part Two

B.C. health care racism report
British Columbia's former child advocate says her investigation into the province's health care system found widespread discrimination against Indigenous people, with potentially deadly consequences.

One word books
 If you want to stand out as a first-time author, you might want to take a page from our guest's book — or from a thousand of his books, because that's where he hid a mysterious story that he hand-wrote one word at a time. 

Part Three

Nigeria civilian massacre
Dozens of farmers in North-East Nigeria were massacred after they refused to submit to extortion by militants. A senator for the region tells us the government needs to act now to protect villagers.

Indigenous innovation prize
We talk to a University of Ottawa medical student about her award-winning research developing viruses that might one day help treat aggressive breast and ovarian cancers.