As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Oct. 26, 2020

Part One

B.C. election
After British Columbians gave the NDP a decisive majority in Saturday's election, a former Liberal leadership candidate reflects on her party's historically dismal showing. 

Nagorno-Karabakh aid
A ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan is immediately broken — and an aid worker tells us that's bad news for the thousands of children his team is trying to help after they fled the shelling.

Grape theft
Thieves made off with a whole bunch of his bunches — and now, a small Quebec winemaker is offering a reward for information about what happened to the fruits of his labours.

Part Two

Finland therapy hack
Tens of thousands of psychotherapy patients in Finland learned their private health records had been hacked — when the hackers contacted them with an extortion threat. 

Diagram Prize
How to Make Love to a Despot squares off against Lawnmowers: An Illustrated History — and in this year's annual competition for oddest book title, there's a dark horse Canadian contender as well. 

Part Three

R.M. Vaughan obit
Poet, playwright, memoirist, and cultural critic R.M. Vaughan didn't mince words, even as he revelled in their beauty. Just one of the many reasons the Canadian writer's sudden death is hitting so hard.

Magdalen Islands cars
You can't be too carful. That seems to be the motto of an island in Quebec that's full of abandoned cars. The mayor says there's a plan to clear the pile-up — but our guest isn't so sure.

Last loose tooth 
A children's author worries promoting her new book during a pandemic will be like pulling teeth — until readers of The Last Loose Tooth surprise her by really opening up.