As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Oct. 19, 2020

Part One

Nova Scotia fishing minister
As Nova Scotia's lobster fishing dispute gets even more tense, we ask Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller how much longer both sides need to wait for his government to come to the table.

Sweden COVID fail
Sweden famously took a more hands-off approach to COVID-19 restrictions. Officials there say its working. But our guest says the numbers tell a different — and much darker — story. 

California giant pumpkin
Many in the elite echelons of big-vegetable growing have gone high-tech, but our guest kept it old school and didn't put his prized pumpkin anywhere near a scale before competition day.

Part Two

U.S. police endorsement
Many police unions in the United States have endorsed Donald Trump. But some Black officers are speaking out saying taking the president's side is a betrayal.

France crackdown beheading
After Friday's murder of a school teacher in France, critics say French authorities are blaming a whole Muslim community for the crime of one.

Part Three

Homeless statue
An Ohio priest says his congregation wanted to start a conversation when they installed a so-called "Homeless Jesus" statue outside their parish. But they weren't expecting that conversation to be with police. 

Slave ship preservation 
One of the world's oldest slave ships has remained underwater for hundreds of years. Now, one of the divers who found it tells us it's at risk of being destroyed.