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As It Happens: Monday Edition

June 29, 2020
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Part One

HRW Canadians Camp
The author of a new Human Rights Watch report accuses Canada of abandoning Canadians in Syria. The former ISIS fighters and their families are being held in terrible conditions in camps. 

US Canada Healthcare
A former American PR executive for the health insurance industry spent years pushing the narrative that Canada's public system was terrible. Now, he says, Canada's COVID response proves just how wrong he was.

Dolphins Hunting
When food is scarce, some bottlenose dolphins get creative -- chasing prey into a sea-shell trap. But researchers are really flippering out about how they learn the trick.

Part Two

Climate Change NDC
Coronavirus shutdowns have been hard on economies -- and also on efforts to curb climate change. Now, some developing countries are working to ensure commercial recoveries account for both kinds of green.

UK Pub Rules
Too close for comfort: Pubs are set to reopen in England, but the rules aren't helping out The Nutshell, because it's one of the smallest pubs in the UK.