As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

June 22, 2020

Episode transcript

Part One

Mississauga Police Death
His family called for help. But the incident ended with a 62-year-old Ontario man shot and killed by an officer and a furious family in mourning. We hear from Ejaz Choudry's nephew.

Arizona Covid
A doctor in Arizona says he's witnessing a major spike in seriously ill COVID patients -- and anyone who thinks the state should re-open without masks is wearing blinders. Even if that person is President.

Bulls Through Hoops
Tonight's tales from the archives show a different side of animals we associate with bellowing and charging -- revealing that a bulky bovine can be balletic, or even brilliant.

Part Two

Netherlands and Unaccompanied Minors
The Dutch government is standing firm against pressure to welcome 500 unaccompanied children from refugee camps in Greece. We hear a first hand account of conditions inside those camps.

Ireland Tomb Remains
Researchers in Dublin find a surprise in the DNA of a man who lived 5000 years ago: His parents were closely related. One of the scientists tells us it's evidence of an elite society in early Ireland. 

Part Three

Encore: Toni Morrison
Many people are turning to the work of Toni Morrison right now. Her fiction bore witness to the psychological and spiritual damage caused by anti-Black racism in America. Tonight, we'll revisit my conversation with the late, great writer.