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Canada Post delivered this man's hair cream 8 years after he ordered it

Elliot Berinstein was surprised when Canada Post delivered a package to his home a few weeks ago. Inside was one tube of Brylcreem he ordered in 2012, when he recalls he was trying to get Don Draper's Mad Men haircut.

Elliot Berinstein says he was going for a Mad Men-inspired 'retro comb-over' when he bought the hair product

Elliot Berinstein was surprised when Canada Post delivered a package to his home eight years after he’d ordered it. (Submitted by Elliot Berinstein)


Elliot Berinstein was surprised when Canada Post delivered a package to his home a few weeks ago — eight years after he'd ordered it. 

The Toronto doctor came across the package left at his door from on May 6.

"I was very confused because I hadn't ordered anything from in awhile," he told As it Happens host Carol Off. 

"And then I remembered one time about eight years ago I ordered something from them."

Inside the package was one tube of Brylcreem hair product he ordered in 2012.

"If I remember correctly, [the show] Mad Men was pretty popular back then, so I think I was trying to get the Donald Draper kind of haircut," he said.

"Probably good it didn't show up, though."

At first, Berinstein was going to try it out nearly a decade after he was inspired by the "retro comb-over type of haircut' — but then he opened the tube. 

"It was bright yellow," he said. "When I Googled it, it was supposed to be pretty white, so I didn't try it out."

Berinstein was going to try the eight year old Brylcream out but when he opened the tube, what should have been mostly white was bright yellow. (Submitted by Elliot Berinstein)

He posted his story on Reddit, where it got a lot of attention.

In fact, a person claiming to be from replied to his post expressing their apologies he never received the shipment on time. 

Berinstein says he checked the tracking code, but it wasn't valid anymore. 

"I think it was just in a corner somewhere and then someone just decided to mail it," he said.

"I thought it was pretty funny that they just didn't throw it out or something. ... I wonder why now they sent it out since they're pretty far behind on their current packages and stuff."

He says he contacted Canada Post, mostly out of curiosity, but hasn't heard back. 

"I'm not looking for a refund or anything — the product was only $5. But it would be funny to see what they'd say." 

In an email to As It Happens, Canada Post said it was investigating the eight-year delay. 

"This is certainly a unique situation and we can only speculate at this point as to what may have happened," the statement reads. 

Asked if he'd order a new tube of Brylcreem, Berinstein says he may be over copying the Don Draper look.

"Maybe for a Halloween costume, but ... for a day-to-day basis, I think I'm past that," he said. 

However, given the fact that Ontario barbers are not in service due to COVID-19 restrictions, he may reconsider. 

"It's been a while since I've gotten a haircut, so maybe I should try it out." 

Written by Alexandra Kazia. Interview produced by Kate Swoger.

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