As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

May 4, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part 1

Italy Begins Reopening

Fresh air. After spending eight weeks cooped up inside, Italians can visit with family and walk outside again. It's not exactly la dolce vita, but the change has our guest feeling cautiously relieved. 

'Murder Hornets'

That's alleged  "murder hornets" to you. British Columbia's top beekeeper says he's sick of seeing the media vilify Asian giant hornets. But don't get him wrong: they're still pretty bad.

Prickles Shorn

When we last told you about Prickles the sheep, she was in desperate need of a good shear -- after an astonishing seven years on the lamb. Now, unlike so many of us, Prickles has a new 'do. But she has yet to decide if the trim really suits her. 

Part 2

Russia COVID spike 

Russia revealed a staggering ten thousand new coronavirus cases for the second day in a row. And a doctor there tells us her fight for proper protective equipment led to her arrest. 

Chicago Cubs Fan 

Back when the Chicago Cubs were bad -- and I mean soul-crushinglingly, historically bad -- one of their fans reached out to other teams with a proposal. And as his son recently discovered, subsequent negotiations covered all the bases. 

Part 3 

Yukon Alcohol Labels

Researchers in Canada's north fought to put warning labels on alcohol bottles. Now, a new batch of papers distills the stickers' effects.

From Our Archives: Irish Lotto 

She's got a ticket to hide -- and she don't care. From our archives, not one but two interviews with the woman who sold a winning lottery ticket in Ireland, but wouldn't say jack about who'd won the jackpot.