As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

March 2, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part One

Turkey-Europe migrants
Gerald Knaus is the architect of a historic refugee agreement between Turkey and the European Union. And he says the situation at the border today means his deal is dead. 

Democrats: Klobuchar exits
Two of Joe Biden's main rivals have dropped out, which might clear a path for him to be the Democratic nominee. But an Amy Klobuchar supporter tells us she's still deciding who to support next. 

National lichen
The Canadian Museum of Nature is asking Canadians to choose a national lichen. So get ready to choose between Elegant Sunburst Lichen, Star-tipped Reindeer Lichen, and any number of others you might take a lichen to. 

Part Two

Coronavirus: Seattle Seniors
Bonnie Holstad picketed her husband's long-term care facility — where more than 50 residents and staff are reportedly showing symptoms of Covid-19. 

Seattle company update
Five years ago, American CEO Dan Price slashed his own salary to finance raises for his entire staff. Now, he says the investment has more than paid off.  

Part Three

Judges on juries
An Ontario judge says it's time big companies start pitching in when their employees are called for jury duty.

German ice wine
Germany's ice wine makers say this year's crop has been a total failure. And they're worried that soon — the entire industry will be toast.