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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, February 17, 2020
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Episode Transcript

Part One

Uighur documents
A leaked document reveals disturbing new details about Uyghur Muslims being held in Chinese detention camps — including who they are and why their government locked them away.

Coronavirus: violin teacher
When an American violin teacher realizes her student in China is stuck inside because of the coronavirus outbreak, she steps up his Skype lessons to keep him occupied. 

The Bug Girl book
11-year-old Sophia Spencer's passion for insects used to get her bullied. Then it got her a book deal. She joined Carol in studio to explain why bugs don't bug her, but insults sting. 

Part Two

Newfoundland birth switch
Two Newfoundland men are suing after discovering they were switched at birth nearly 60 years ago. And that's inspired our guest to finally tell her story of being given the wrong baby at the same hospital. 

Carbon footprint diner
An Edmonton restaurant isn't just counting calories. It's also counting the carbon emissions that go into creating each meal. 

Part Three

Feature interview: Author Mark Bourrie on Bush Runner
Carol's feature interview with Mark Bourrie about his new book Bush Runner, about Hudson Bay Company founder Pierre-Esprit Radisson.