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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, February 10, 2020

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Part One

Democratic primary: New Hampshire
Iowa didn't go well for Joe Biden. He's polling badly in New Hampshire. But Democratic Party strategist Andrew Feldman says we shouldn't count the former vice-president just yet. 

Muskrat Falls
Newfoundland and Labrador says it has a plan to keep electricity bills from soaring as it continues to deal with fallout from a troubled energy project. But our guest says people in the province may end up on the hook anyway.

Jeopardy! contestant
As a young girl, Kristyna Ng taught herself English by watching Jeopardy. Now she's all grown up, and a contestant on the show. 

Part Two

Sinn Fein win
Sinn Fein came out on top in Irish general elections this weekend — despite a long association the country's troubled past.  Our guest tells us how the party rebranded itself for a new generation.

Board game piece
Archeologists have found a thousand-year-old glass artefact on an island off the English coast. Durham University archaeologist David Petts says it's likely a piece from an ancient board game. 

Part Three

Polish LGBT signs
Polish politicians are happy to pass motions declaring their communities to be LGBTQ free. But they aren't very happy when our guest puts that message on signs for the world to see. 

Bodega math question
A New York bodega is giving away free snacks to its customers. But only if they can solve a simple math equation first.