As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Jan. 20, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part One

China coronavirus
A new deadly virus that began in China is now spreading outside of that country — and from human-to-human. An infectious disease specialist tells us why he fears a much broader outbreak is coming.

Newfoundland storm wedding
A Newfoundland couple's wedding date was on Saturday — right in the middle of what could be the worst blizzard the province has ever seen. But they ploughed ahead anyway.

Blue Monday myth
British neurologist Dean Burnett says Blue Monday is a myth — a notion cooked up by an airline to convince you to travel in January. And he finds that  kind of depressing.

Part Two

Sepsis death
Researchers have found that one in five people worldwide die of sepsis — or blood poisoning. That's more than are killed by cancer. We'll talk to one of those researchers about WHY such a prolific killer...doesn't get more attention.

Lutheran pastor reinstated
Three decades ago, Ralph Carl Wushke was barred from working as a Lutheran pastor in Canada because he was gay. He spent years dreaming of his return. Now, at last, he's been reinstated.

Part Three

Van Gogh portrait
Art experts have verified a self portait by Vincent Van Gogh as the real deal, made while he was suffering from psychosis. Van Gogh museum senior researcher Louis van Tilborghdescribes the painting as "brave."

Ottawa ice windshield
Clear the ice from your car— it could save lives. That's the message an Martin Burger of Ontario is sharing after a drive home with his son ended with ice smashing through his windshield — landing him in the hospital.