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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Jan. 6, 2020

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Part One

Iran funeral
Iranians poured into the streets today to mourn the death of top general, Qassem Soleimani — as officials vowed "severe revenge" on the U.S. for his killing.

Weinstein trial
The trial for former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein started in New York today — and our guest, one of dozens of women who accuse him of sexual misconduct, is hoping justice will be served.

Auctioneer competition
An Ontario livestock auctioneer who became the national champ when he was just 23 is headed to South Dakota -- to try to qualify for the world championships.

Part Two

Iran: Iraqi MP
With his country caught in the middle of sabre-rattling between two of its allies— the U.S. and Iran — an Iraqi MP worries it's his country that will pay the heftiest price. 

T.S. Eliot letters
The Love Song of T. S. Eliot. Decades after his death, the release of hundreds of love letters written by the celebrated poet reveal a man heartsick for his muse — a woman who never became his partner.

Part Three

Early trans recordings
It was 1970 -- a year after the Stonewall riots, a pivotal moment in the rights of LGBTQ people. Now a recording of two leaders of the trans movement from that time has been unearthed.

Rock Dreams course 
The former manager of The Rolling Stones is bringing his music industry experience and "war stories" from the road to the classroom in a 13-week course at Thomson Rivers University. The course is called Rock Dreams: A History, 1954-1984 - Up Close and Personal with Andrew Loog Oldham.