As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Dec. 9, 2019

Episode Transcript

Part One

Nobel ceremony boycott
An Austrian author is set to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature in Stockholm — but many invitees will boycott the ceremonies due to his denials of the Bosnian genocide.

Senator Magnitsky motion
A Canadian Senator says China's threats of retaliation shouldn't stop Ottawa from punishing Chinese officials for abusing the rights of Chinese Muslims and pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong. 

As It Happens host Chris Howden
You name it, he's punned it — and now, As it Happens writer Chris Howden will take the seat beside Carol Off and behind the mic as the new co-host.

Part Two

Ontario government lawsuits
The Ontario government is trying to get several class-action lawsuits against it thrown out, by using its own new law retroactively. A lawyer says that's unprecedented and unfair.

White Island volcano
Five people are dead and dozens more in hospital after an active volcano erupted in New Zealand. We'll hear why it was nearly impossible for crews to rescue people.

Part Three

Cold case arrest
What happened to 23-year-old Vicki Black remained a mystery for nearly three decades. She was found murdered in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside in the '90s — at a time when many women were disappearing in the neighbourhood. Now there has finally been an arrest in the cold case. 

Milwaukee Bucks ASL 
When Brice Christianson approached the Milwaukee Bucks with the idea of becoming the team's sign language interpreter, he wasn't sure how he'd be received — since no other pro-sports team had one. But months into the job, everything is pointing to it being a sound decision.