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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Nov. 4, 2019
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Episode Transcript


Part One 

Elizabeth May steps down
Elizabeth May has stepped down as Green Party of Canada leader, but she insists she's not done stepping up for the environment. 

Delhi smog
No one's breathing easy in Delhi, India — where the smog is so bad that officials have declared a public health emergency. 

Otter Koi opera
Shon Wong explains how his new opera about gentrification in Vancouver's Chinatown was inspired by a real-life event: a murderous otter killing prized koi. 

Part Two

New Senate group
Eleven senators leave their own caucuses to form a new group of their own — and its interim leader shares its new squad goals. 

Niagara barge moved
A metal barge that sat about half a kilometre from the Niagara Falls is even closer today, after severe weather moved itfrom where it was stuck for 101 years. 

Part Three

Wexit leader: reporter
Hundreds of Albertans packed a dancehall this weekend to talk about the merits of Western separation — but a reporter tells us the man who is the self-described leader of the "Wexit Party", has a fondness for conspiracy theories, including 'Pizzagate'.

Cannabinoid study
According to a meta-analysis study published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry this week, there's "scarce evidence" that medicinal cannabis will help the treatment of some mental health conditions — including anxiety and depression.