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As It Happens: Monday Edition

As It Happens: Monday Edition
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Part One

U.S. Syria pullout
With his shocking announcement that the U.S. will stop supporting Kurdish forces in Syria, Donald Trump abandons longtime allies in the region — and leaves them sitting ducks.

Lisa Raitt
With 2 weeks left to go, the Conservatives' deputy leader fills in the blanks about Andrew Scheer — and explains why her party should fill the most seats. 

Part Two

Auschwitz Shofar
Judy Tydor Schwartz shares how her father helped smuggle a shofar out of Auschwitz — and how prisoners at the concentration camp were able to blow the horn in defiance of the Nazis. 

Bonjour/Hi Café
After some controversy in Quebec, the province says it won't ban the use of a common bilingual greeting — to the relief of Dave Plant, who's about to open a place called "Café Bonjour/Hi".  

Part Three

Encore feature: In My Blood It Runs Hot Doc
An encore broadcast of Carol's conversation with a young Aboriginal boy from Australia, who's considered a gifted healer by his community, but who meets with rejection in the school system.

Colorado fire fish
Experts in Colorado are only now learning the full extent of last year's wildfires in the south west — including a serious drop in fish populations in parts of the Animas River.