As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

As It Happens for Monday, September 30, 2019

Episode Transcript

Part One

Viens Commission's Report
The Viens Commission says it's time for Quebec to apologize for discrimination against Indigenous people — but our guest says an apology won't help women living in fear of abuse by police. 

California athlete law
College sports are a multi-billion-dollar industry in the U.S. — and now, California's become the first state to allow the actual athletes to make money of their own. 

Nigel Night
A British pub owner named Nigel hopes to revive interest in the name by holding "Nigel Night" — and on Saturday, he was able to put more than 400 faces to the same name. 

Part Two

Lesbos refugee camps
There are 13 thousand refugees in a Greek camp designed for 3 thousand. So when a fatal fire broke out yesterday, all hell broke loose — and an aid worker blames the Greek authorities. 

Sculpture model
A new sculpture in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City movingly depicts 140 migrants and refugees — and our guest was the unmoving model for more than half of them. 

Part Three

Residential schools death
On Monday, the names of 2-thousand 8-hundred children who died at residential schools were released, as part of a ceremony to honour their memories. But our guest says she was saddened not to see her sister's name on that list. 

Doha track meet
The organizers of the World Athletics Championships in Doha have their feet to the fire for putting athletes in blistering heat. And while they're running on empty, the stands have been distressingly empty as well.

China pork shortage
China is facing problems with its pork supply, after African swine flu kills off millions of pigs. That has the government worried about rising prices for consumers — especially with several holidays coming up.