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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Sept. 9, 2019
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Episode Transcript

Part One

Catherine McKenna
Catherine McKenna was used to taking some heat for her role as Environment Minister — and then came a chilling incident that prompted the RCMP to provide her with a security team. 

Bianca's coach
Bianca Andreescu's coach says she's fearless, inventive on the court, and a real street-fighter — but what really sets her apart might be her penchant for meditation.

NYC rats
You can't throw a rock in New York City without hitting a rat. But rock-throwing isn't super-effective at controlling the rodents. So Brooklyn's trying a new method: a trap that may have you feeling sorry for the rats.

Part Two

Bill 21 op-ed
Former PQ leader Jean-François Lisée says it's not enough for the PM to criticize  Quebec's law restricting religious symbols in the workplace — it's time for a  plan of action. 

Dorian east
The lights are still off in parts of Eastern Canada after Dorian — and our guest says he hasn't seen a storm like it in 65 years living in Herring Cove, Nova Scotia. 

Part Three

Disney cinemas
Disney is known for funny talking animals. But the real-life humans who run it aren't kidding around. Now that the entertainment giant has bought Fox, it will no longer allowing small theatres to play Fox movies. And one rep cinema owner figures there's only one motive: world domination. 

Raccoon in car photo
Photographer Jason Bantle waited for years for a raccoon to stick its head out of the broken windshield of an abandoned Ford Pinto. Until finally, it did. And the resulting picture is just great
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