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As It Happens: Monday Edition

July 22, 2019
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Episode transcript

Part One

Huawei North
While Huawei's reputation has taken a hit, amid accusations of ties to Chinese spies — the company's Canadian VP says its promise to bring high speed Internet to the Canadian north has nothing to do with PR.

French Submarine Find
After 50 years, a search locates the wreckage of a French submarine that sank in 1968 — and for the son of the sub's commander, that means a measure of peace at last.

Bird Photographer
A Seattle photographer explains how he got a stunning photo of a bald eagle flying off with a rabbit — and a fox that's surprised to find itself, and its meal, suddenly airborne. 

Part Two

Robert Morgenthau Obit 
As Manhattan's longest serving district attorney, the late Robert M. Morgenthau prosecuted mobsters, bankers, and killers — and a colleague remembers his devotion to yanking the worms out of the Big Apple.