As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

July 1, 2019

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Part One

Hong Kong Protest
Protesters in Hong Kong mark the anniversary of the return to Chinese rule by storming the legislature. We reach an activist as the police move in to clear the crowd outside. 

Michael de Adder
An editorial cartoonist wonders whether he lost his job because of the way he drew Donald Trump. But the papers' owners say their readers were just ready for a change. 

Wasp Super Nests
Our guest calls the huge Alabama homes "super," and he promises you won't be sorry, unless you do something to disturb the 15,000 wasps buzzing around inside.

Part Two

Sea Watch Arrest
The crew of a rescue ship says their captain had no choice but to break an Italian law making it illegal for her to bring 40 rescued migrants into port. 

Luis Alvarez Obit 
A New York detective died demanding fairness for his fellow 9/11 responders. Tonight, we talk to a friend who's promising to carry on that fight.