As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

June 10, 2019

Episode transcript

Part One

Plastics: McKenna
They're a major part of literal and  diplomatic messes and tonight, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna explains the government's plan for banning single-use plastics. 

Claire Stapleton
Claire Stapleton says she felt forced to resign from Google and accuses the tech company of retaliating against her for organizing a major walk-out.

AI-DA Exhibit
Ai-da doesn't care what you think of any of the paintings, drawings, or sculptures in her new exhibition not because she's arrogant, but because she's a robot. 

Part Two

Hong Kong Protests
In Hong Kong, hundreds of thousands of people protest against a new extradition law and our guest says the very future of his city is at stake.

Romero Collection
George A. Romero's zombies changed horror movies forever and now, the late director's archives have found a final resting place at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Part Three

Pitcher Plants
Canadian scientists find that some carnivorous pitcher plants have developed an appetite for something more substantial than insects, they're consuming salamanders. 

Finland Carbon Neutral
A Finnish politician says her government's promise to make the country carbon neutral isn't just ambitious, it's essential for their economy to survive.