As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

May 27, 2019
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Part One

EU Vote: Germany
The centre did not hold. But while traditional parties suffered major losses in the EU elections, the Green party made major gains across the continent. 

Oil and Gas Professor
A University of Regina prof had a simple question for her school, about what oil and gas companies were funding its research — but since it won't tell her, things have become complicated. 

Lord Buckethead
When we last spoke with Lord Buckethead, he was running for office in the U.K. — but as we'll hear, the man under that giant helmet has since cleared his head. 

Part Two

Everest Climber
So far this season, eleven people have died on Mount Everest — and our guest blames a deadly combination of overcrowding, bad weather, and climber inexperience. 

'Boring' Journal
Too much scientific research has a bias toward the surprising — so a new journal has taken an interest only in studies with uninteresting results. 

Part Three

Stuck Ship
Ownership problems and maritime laws leave two crew members stranded on a container ship that's been in the Port of Quebec for more than 2 years.

Stephen Curry Coach 
On Thursday, the Raptors will kick off their first-ever NBA Finals, against Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. And creating some loyalty problems for James Lackey — who lives in Ontario, but coached Curry when he was in Grade 8.