As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

May 20, 2019

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Part One

Google Huawei l Google tells Huawei to back off its operating system in what our guest describes as the battle for the technologies of the future by the US and China. 

Student Debt Cleared l A Morehouse College student describes his tears after a billionaire uses a commencement speech to wipe out the graduating class's student debt.

Bieber Canyon l A park official in Iceland says she's been offered bribes from visiting fans who are desperate to trample the canyon where Justin Bieber shot one of his music videos. 

Part Two

Austria Scandal l Austrians are heading to the polls after the head of their government's right wing party is caught on film offering public contracts for political support. 

Encore: Gilda Radner l Live from New York, it's...nevermind. Remembering the late great Gilda Radner 30 years after she left us — laughing, as always. We'll hear an interview with her on As It Happens in 1977.

Part Three

Encore: Wayson Choy — A Memoir of Living and Almost Dying l An encore presentation of Carol's conversation with the late Canadian novelist Wayson Choy — whose meditations on his mortality helped us confront our own uncomfortable truths.