As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

April 22, 2019

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Part One

Sri Lanka: UN
Sunday's bombings in Sri Lanka have killed nearly 300 — and a former UN counter-terrorism official says he warned the government it wasn't prepared for what he saw coming. 

Library Cuts
The Ontario government cuts the budget for the library service in half — and our guest says she's worried the slashing will have a disastrous effect on service. 

Simpsons Trudeau
Toronto reporter Lucas Meyer worked hard to get Justin Trudeau's voice down — and in his upcoming appearance on The Simpsons, his imitation of the PM hits close to Homer. 

Part Two

Ukraine Election
Everyone knows Ukraine's new president used to play  the Ukrainian president in a TV program — but no one knows what kind of programs he'll put in place now that he's been elected. 

Poland Effigy
There's widespread disgust when a Polish town revives an anti-Semitic Easter tradition — and Jewish groups fear its part of a larger national resurgence. 

Part Three

Encore: Barry Lopez 
An Earth Day interview with author Barry Lopez — whose new book recounts what he's learned from 50 years of travelling the planet — and what we need to do to save it.