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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, April 8, 2019

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Part One

Libya clashes
A warlord launches airstrikes on the Tripoli airport, and a former US envoy to Libya warns that the locus of the Mediterranean refugee crisis could soon be in a full-blown civil war. 

Trudeau libel threat
A Chretien adviser tells us that if Justin Trudeau wants to change the channel on SNC, threatening a libel lawsuit against the Opposition Leader is not the way to do it. 

Dog rescue
Dogs are great at lots of things, but scaling cliffs isn't one of them — which is why it's lucky two humans came along to rescue a dog who got stuck.

Part Two

Dubai arrest
A British women faces charges in Dubai that could land her in prison for two years — because she called her ex-husband's new wife a "horse" on Facebook. 

General Pulaski intersex
  The history books say Casimir Pulaski was a Revolutionary War hero who saved George Washington's life — and now, research on the Polish general's bones shows he was intersex, or a woman. 

Part Three

Dan Robbins obit
In the 1950s, Dan Robbins made it possible for people who'd never considered it to get out a paintbrush and put on a beret. Because he invented paint-by-numbers — which our guest says brought the experience of painting into homes around the world. 

Quiet airplane toilet
No one likes a terrifying roar in the middle of their flight. And now, finally, there's been a major scientific breakthrough that we actually need: a quieter airplane toilet flush.