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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Feb. 25, 2019

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Part One

Venezuela U.S. aid
A former U.S. ambassador to Latin America tells us that some people in Donald Trump's circle want to go into Venezuela guns blazing — and he says that would be a disaster. 

Alabama editor
In the outcry after her boss wrote an editorial urging the KKK to ride again, Elecia Dexter considered quitting her job at an Alabama newspaper — instead, she's the new editor. 

Fake Kim Jong-un
A Kim Jong Un impersonator named "Howard X" is booted out of Vietnam before the North Korean leader arrives for his summit with Trump — and he tells us that's an unfortunate double  standard. 

Part Two

Vatican conference
At the Vatican's conference on sexual abuse by priests, some Catholic hardliners blamed homosexuality — but an advocate for the rights of LGBTQ Catholics says he's seeing progress on homophobia in the Church. 

New Brunswick fish plant fire
Yesterday, a lobster plant in a New Brunswick village went up in flames — and tonight, the mayor tells us where his community goes after the loss of one of its main employers. 

Part Three

Green Book film criticism
When "Green Book" won Best Picture, our guest saw red — because she's been collecting evidence that proves its happy message about race relations hides America's true colours. 

No squash Olympics
Squash players are used to things being off the wall. But they may not bounce back this time: once again, their campaign to have the sport included in the Olympics has failed. And the former Number One player in the world is baffled that the powers-that-be seem to be considering breakdancing instead.